Don't Lose Your Way Team Coordinator (Wales)

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Would you like to help us build on the incredible work undertaken by thousands of walkers and playing a key role in making sure everyone can continue to get out enjoy where they love walking near you? If so the Don’t Lose Your Way project is a great chance to make a difference on the places people love to walk near you.

In early 2020, thousands of people joined the search for lost paths as part of the Don’t Lose Your Way project. The project aims to support individuals in identifying lost rights of way, and later putting together applications for these to be recognised on the official ‘Definitive Maps’. These maps are held and kept up to date by highway authorities across England and Wales (with some exceptions).

Initially as a Coordinator you will be working with the project team to identify resources and to coordinate the applications to get paths on the Definitive map across your local authority. As the project continues, you will have access to an overview of the applications and progress made by volunteers within the Don’t Lose Your Way project, and will be a point of contact for various stakeholders; interested members of the public, the project team, and other Ramblers volunteers.

This role will be carried out on a Highway Authority basis, though it will be possible for a small number of coordinators to oversee the same authority, or for a coordinator to oversee multiple authorities. When applying, please mention the authorities in which you would be interested in taking on the role. Any agreed authorities will be added to your volunteer profile should your application be approved.

The key role of the Coordinators will be to empower and resource those volunteers who are researching and making applications to get paths on the map. You will be signposting’ others. In which the coordinator will have access to a growing library of guidance and resources, and can help people access this when they need it (coordinators will not be expected to provide comprehensive advice on the specifics of gathering research and building an application).